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Schumann Resonance and Sunspot Relations to Human Health Effects in Thailand

Neil Cherry1

(1) Human Science Department, Lincoln University, Lincoln, New Zealand

Abstract  There is sensible scientific evidence to establish a trailof connection from the sun activity to human biological and health effects. This explains whysunspot numbers and indices of Geomagnetic Activity are correlated with serious human healtheffects in a large body of published studies. The key element is the role of the SchumannResonance signal that is detected by human brains and is used to synchronize diurnal andELF brain rhythms. The Schumann Resonance signal intensity is modulated and highlycorrelated with solar activity and the electron concentrations in the lowest layersof the ionosphere. The enhanced or weakened solar activity moves the level of the SRsignal outside the normal homeostatic range and, through the Melatonin mechanism, causeshealth problems and enhanced death rates in large human populations. A five-yearmonthly data-base is used to confirm the correlation between the climatic factors ofSunspot Number, Southern Oscillation Index and Global mean temperatureanomalies with the SR signal strength. The Sunspot Number emerges as the strongestfactor. A 19 year data-set of annual mortality rates in SE Asia is used to seek evidenceof correlations between human mortality rates and the sunspot number in order to supportand confirm the SR hypothesis. A wide range of mortalities that are associatedwith Melatonin reduction, are found to be significantly correlated with sunspot number,including cancer, cardiac and neurological mortality.

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