Major Engineering Events in History: Project Sanguine Nears Operation 1975

About the major engineering events in history, the Project Sanguine Nears Operaton in 1975 a major step in underwater communication.

Great Engineering Feats from Early Times to the Present

1975 A.D. (Project Sanguine Nears Operation). The world's largest electronic communication system, a U.S. Navy-planned Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) facility capable of radio-contacting submerged submarines 200' underwater, is near operational status at several sites within the U.S. after 6 years of research and development. The planned system will probably be located at only one site, but will be able to communicate instantaneously with deep-running missile-carrying submarines in case of extreme national disaster. Utilizing deeply buried cables (able to withstand nuclear attack) spread in a grid covering approximately 1,250 sq. mi., the communications network will send radio waves 2,500-mi.-long that appear in the 45 to 75 Hz frequency range. In this system, sited in specially selected rock and ground formations, the earth acts as a conductor, with the rock formations forcing the radio waves outward into the ionosphere instead of inward toward the earth's core. The saturation of the ionosphere forces some of these ELF's underwater to a considerable depth, enabling submerged submarines, carrying Polaris or Poseidon missiles, to receive and react to messages even if normal communication channels should be destroyed in a preemptive attack.

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