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Yes, there is PLENTY of oil out there, but the vast majority of the new stuff is going to be too expensive for the middle class to be able to afford to burn at anything approaching current levels, and therein lies the problem.


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The midpoint of global
hydrocarbon production
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Energy security worry to drive India's low-CO2 plan
Public Policy; Political and Legal NewsNEW DELHI (Reuters) – Worries over energy security will drive India's goal to slow the growth of its carbon emissions, the head of a government panel tasked with developing the country's low-carbon strategy said on Monday.

Reserves of fossil fuels such as coal were fast running out, making it imperative for India to improve efficiency and accelerate renewable energy sources to keep the economy growing at a projected 8 to 9 percent annually, Kirit Parikh said.

Posted by Leanan on Monday, March 22 @ 06:26:20 PDT (70 reads)
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Is Petronas on the right track?
Public Policy; Political and Legal NewsMany nations blessed with rich resources have enjoyed economic booms, but many have also been cursed by it. So what is Malaysia’s standing among the world matrix of oil-producing nations, and how well are we managing our oil revenue?

IN 1973, OPEC (Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries) unexpectedly imposed a sixmonth embargo on oil supplies, inducing the first global oil shock. Malaysia’s response to that was the incorporation of Petronas as the Malaysian oil corporation. The timing seemed right given that in 1971 the price of oil was just US$1.50 but by 1974 it was already averaging US$12 per barrel, making it viable for Petronas to extract oil from our off-shore reserves.

Posted by Leanan on Sunday, March 21 @ 20:52:57 PDT (136 reads)
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Transition Bloomington helps neighborhoods re-imagine themselves
Public Policy; Political and Legal NewsImagine that you're driving a car across the vast spaces of an enormous desert, and your gas tank is exactly half empty. This is the perfect time to consider your options for continuing onward or finding shelter; you wouldn't want to wait until the tank is nearly empty.

This is the situation the world faces with peak oil: half of all the world's petroleum reserves have been used up. The U.S. Department of Energy's 2005 Hirsch Report noted that peak oil will pose enormous challenges to our economy and lifestyle, and that mitigation efforts will be necessary to ease the transition to a world characterized by scarce oil.

Posted by Leanan on Sunday, March 21 @ 20:50:07 PDT (136 reads)
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Drought spreading across China
Enviromental Headlines; Climate Changevox_mundi writes "

Severe drought is continuing to plague southwest China, and is spreading to other parts of the country. These are the worst conditions the region has ever seen in a century. The government is calling on people to use water sparingly.

The drought has affected about 6.5 million hectares of farmland around the country. More than 20 million people and 12 million head of livestock are short of drinking water. "

Posted by Leanan on Sunday, March 21 @ 19:42:32 PDT (189 reads)
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Hunger adds to drought's woes
Enviromental Headlines; Climate Changevox_mundi writes "

MUYANG, Yunnan - Besides thirst, Yunnan farmer He Zhongcai has to battle another basic need - hunger.

After a seemingly endless drought in Xiaowanshan village since August, the daily dish for He's family is a kind of green grass, called Eyangcao - it means last choice for a starving sheep. "

Posted by Leanan on Sunday, March 21 @ 19:41:38 PDT (132 reads)
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Is Corporate America Our Best Hope Against Climate Change?
Enviromental Headlines; Climate ChangeGraeme writes "

One of the unexpected twists of the global climate change debate is that the roles of government and business have in many ways been reversed. To traditional greens, business was the enemy, polluting with impunity, and government was the hero, ready to restrain. That was the mindset of environmentalism's first great boom, when landmark legislation like the Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act gave Washington the power and the tools to begin cleaning up the country. "

Posted by Leanan on Sunday, March 21 @ 19:40:31 PDT (119 reads)
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The problem with ‘Generating the Future'
Public Policy; Political and Legal NewsGraeme writes "

The previous guest post by Douglas Wise provided an excellent and thorough review of the political and technical issues facing the UK energy scene. It was also timely, because, last week, the esteemed Royal Academy of Engineering released a new 27-page report on this topic. Although useful as a crystal-ball-gazing exercise, the report has some problems that relate strongly to Wise’s points. "

Posted by Leanan on Sunday, March 21 @ 19:39:41 PDT (97 reads)
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Jim Rogers Says a Eurozone of 10 Members Would Be a “Wonderful Thing”
Business News; Market Researchvox_mundi writes "

On March 13, famed investor Jim Rogers gave an exciting interview with King World News. Here are some paraphrased highlights.

...America is not the country it was in the 1930s. The safety valves that have existed in the past are no longer there. America has gone from the world’s largest creditor nation to the largest debtor nation in history. Today we have much more of an entitlement, “you owe it to me,” mentality, and people’s work ethic has greatly deteriorated. People like this are much more likely to be unhappy and try to do something about it. "

Posted by Leanan on Sunday, March 21 @ 19:05:11 PDT (224 reads)
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Wind Energy Investment of $65 Billion May Curb Fossil Fuel Use
Hydrocarbon AlternativesGraeme writes "

(Bloomberg) -- China WindPower Group Ltd., Iberdrola SA and Duke Energy Corp. will lead development of an estimated $65 billion of wind-power plants this year that let utilities reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. "

Posted by Leanan on Sunday, March 21 @ 18:48:25 PDT (95 reads)
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World Water Day: Why business needs to worry
Enviromental Headlines; Climate Changevox_mundi writes "

By Peter Brabeck-Letmanthe, Chairman, Nestle S.A.

Monday is World Water Day, but I suspect relatively few will have noticed.

While the world is rightly moving to address the challenges presented by climate change and depleting supplies of fossil fuels, the same awareness and consensus does not exist when it comes to addressing our usage of water. Yet the harsh fact is that we will probably run out of water long before we run out of fuel. "

Posted by Leanan on Sunday, March 21 @ 18:47:34 PDT (113 reads)
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Aluminium producer Alcoa waiting for enough gas to revive expansion plans
Consumption; Demand; PricesAUSTRALIA is attracting more than $US130 billion ($142bn) worth of investment in some of the world's richest natural gas fields to supply buyers in Japan and China.

But it seems domestic customers, particularly in Western Australia, will have to wait.

Posted by Leanan on Sunday, March 21 @ 17:59:59 PDT (122 reads)
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Can Russia be trusted with our uranium?
Hydrocarbon AlternativesA 2005 survey of 1200 Australians found that 56% of us believe that the International Atomic Energy Agency's nuclear 'safeguards' system is ineffective.

Barely half as many believe the system is effective.

Public concern will be heightened by the Rudd Labor government's response on Thursday to a parliamentary inquiry into proposed uranium sales to Russia.

Posted by Leanan on Sunday, March 21 @ 16:33:00 PDT (104 reads)
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Iceland prepares for second, more devastating volcanic eruption
Enviromental Headlines; Climate Changevox_mundi writes "

Iceland is preparing for an even more powerful and potentially destructive volcano after a small eruption at the weekend shot red-hot molten lava high into the sky.

The original fear was that the volcano had erupted directly underneath the Eyjafjallajokull glacier, which could have caused glacial melt, flooding and mudslides. Instead, the volcano blew inbetween Eyjafjallajokull and the larger Myrdalsjoekull glacier. "

Posted by Leanan on Sunday, March 21 @ 15:35:38 PDT (215 reads)
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OPEC Is In the Catbird Seat -- Again
Business News; Market ResearchSynopsis: The U.S.'s inability to lower its consumption of oil has helped put OPEC in an advantageous position, again. Even worse, the world's largest economy remains vulnerable to another quest by OPEC to explore the market's maximum price for oil -- a tactic that could tip the U.S. economy into another recession.

OPEC, producer of about 40% of the world's oil, is in the catbird seat, once again.

Now, you're probably thinking, "When hasn't OPEC been in the catbird seat?"

Posted by waegari on Sunday, March 21 @ 15:28:07 PDT (164 reads)
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Aviation jets toward biofuel
Hydrocarbon AlternativesWithin a decade, passenger planes will be flying on jet fuel largely made from plants — flax, marsh grass, even food waste — as airlines seek to break away from the volatile oil market and do their part to fight climate change, aviation experts said last week.

Though biofuels are still in the experimental stage, the projected shift has stoked concern among environmentalists that the possible insatiable appetite of airlines for plant oil will hasten the destruction of tropical forests and the conversion of cropland from food to fuel.

Posted by waegari on Sunday, March 21 @ 15:18:52 PDT (182 reads)
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