Concepts of Homeostasis
E. F. Block IV
Updated 14 April 2007


The usual Concepts of Homeostasis are focused upon the mechanisms of circulation, respiration, digestion, excretion, mineral/water balance and bioenergetics. However, this term is not a correct one and should be properly referred to as rheostasis. The reason for this is the fact that the set points for metabolic processes within the body do not stay at one stable point but oscillate about a mean value set by the hypothalamus. The nervous system and the hormone system are described as regulating, via negative feedback control, the various tissues in response to changes in the internal milieu of the body. Rheostasis is described as a function of the individual in response to its environment and role in the ecosystem. A great deal is said about physiology (cellular, tissue and organ), some about seasonal variation (adaptations to climate changes and reproduction) and some about the nervous/hormonal control systems. However, nothing is said about the underlying source for the generation of rheostasis in the body. It is my thesis that the source of the generation of rheostasis is the dynamic relationship between the result of evolutionary existent DNA expression according to changes in time of the energetic relationships of all the matter which comprises the physical body matrix and the response of the physical body matrix as an evolved system by/to fluctuations in the Solar System Interplanetary Electromagnetic Field Matrix (SSIEFM). It is disruptions in the ability of the physical body matrix to respond to changes in the SSIEFM which Bioelectromagnetic Medicine needs to address by theraputic means. Treat disruptions in the physical body electromagnetic matrix and the body matrix realigns itself with the SSIEFM to display optimum dynamic health. Thus disruptions in physiology as disease is the result of disruptions in the physical body electromagnetic field matrix within the overall SSIEFM. Which means that altered physiology is the symptom and not the cause of disease. Bioelectromagnetic Medicine treats the disruptions of the dynamically fluctuating electromagnetic field components of the human primate body to bring them into alignment with the potential of rheostatic mechanisms to maintain optimum energy flow through its aggregation of matter within the environment the person inhabits.


The discussion will be in several parts. Background information leading to an understanding of the means for the manipluation of the bioelectromagnetic fields of humans will be presented first. Then follows a discussion that will elucidate the means by which the human primate animal is thought to maintain rheostasis. Next will be a discussion of the causes of disruptions in bioelectromagnetic field components of the human body as the origin of physiological derangements and disease as the resultant disruptions in rheostasis. And finally, new ways of thinking about rheostasis in terms of a dynamically fluctuating electromagnetic field organized in space which is able to be manipulated by the various therapeutic modes of Bioelectromagnetic Medicine.


A Physicist is one whom studies the fundamental properties of matter and energy. A Chemist is one whom studies the behavior of matter as energy dissipates through it. A Biologist is one whom studies matter organized to maintain energy flow through it. These are oversimplifications but nevertheless true. Living systems are aggregations of matter organized to maintain energy flow through the aggregation with a guided purpose. That purpose is to perpetuate and refine the ability to maintain energy flow through the aggregation.

Living systems have evolved the means of maintaining energy flow through their particular aggregation within and as part of the dynamically fluctuating electromagnetic universe. Living systems as aggregations of matter have dynamically fluctuating electromagnetic fields which reflect the organization of the aggregation within the local space/time continuum.

The means which has evolved to perpetuate the particular aggregations and control systems of living organisms is what Biologists refer to as genetics. Gene expression is what enables the organism to maintain energy flow. The genetic system of any organism has evolved to perpetuate the organism as a species and to maintain the organism within the environment it inhabits. Gene expression then is the ultimate origin of rheostasis in living systems.

Organic evolution through the ages has produced an amazing diversity of living organisms. Our interest is in the human primate with all its organ systems working in harmony. The scalar organization of the human body is as follows: quarks, nucleons and leptons, atoms and energy on the physical level; molecules, atomic bonds, moving electrons & protons, photons and energy dissipation on the chemical level; cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, the organism, populations, the ecosystem and energy concentration & flow through the organic systems on the biological level. All living systems have evolved mechanisms to control & deal with the particular requirements of the environment in which they are found in order to acquire, utilize and direct energy flow through the existent system. The control systems for human rheostatic systems are likewise scalar. The physical and chemical scales are those of matter and the fundamental properties of matter. The biological scale with the human animal starts with the cell, the fundamental unit of life. All life comes from preexisting life, it is said. However, each cell has in the nucleus its genetic complement which is the result of evolution over many generations throughout the history of the Earth. The human genetic code controls the development of the fertilized zygote to adult organism. This development takes place within the backdrop of the geomagnetic field (GMF) of the Earth and SSIEFM which influences the developing bioelectromagnetic fields of the embryo as well as the growth of cells into tissues, tissues into organs and organs into the organism as a whole.

Apart from cellular control by genetic expression, the means that the human animal genetic system has developed for overall control of the organism are the nervous and hormonal systems. These two systems control by negative feedback the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, excretory and reproductive systems of the body which are geared to maintaining the internal environment of the body at optimum for the cells living within the organism. All rheostasis is geared to this end - maintaining the optimum internal environment for cellular life within the body!

The hypothalamus is the neurosecretory organ of the brain that determines the set points for the range of internal environmental values for blood glucose, tissue oxygen and carbon dioxide, body temperature, blood volume, blood pressure, blood calcium, blood sodium, blood pH, etc. As the human animal is terrestrial, the kidney has long loops of Henle for urine concentration and sodium retention. The hypothalamus is involved with the coordination of osmoregulation via the pituitary gland for anti-diuretic hormone and nervous stimulation of the adrenal medulla for mineralcorticoids, as an example. The other hormonal glands and the liver also contribute to rheostasis. The point is this: all physiology is geared to maintaining rheostasis. All normal behavior is geared to assisting rheostasis in some manner and more importantly in reproduction.

What tunes the hypothalamus to changes in the dynamic fluctuations of the GMF and SSIEFM? One hormonal gland is known to be tuned to changes in diurnal cycles, the pineal gland. The Pineal-Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis (PHPA) determines both the nervous and hormonal coordination of physiological and behavioral events in time for the entire body. It is thought that cellular events are cued by fluctuations in the GMF and SSIEFM via rhythmic changes in gene expression. It is thought that the organism as an integrated entity is cued by the PHPA.

What then of the overall bioelectromagnetic field of the human body, sometimes termed as the aura. That it exists is not in doubt. How it exists and can be characterized is now an intense area of research. Electroacupuncture seems to be the most efficient means of obtaining reliable data for research efforts. Electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll (EAV) is now the standard by which all research efforts are promulgated.

The theories of Chinese Medicine, in relation to the energy flows of the body (Acupuncture), and Homeopathy are being substantiated and refomulated in light of new findings. It is possible to detect derangements in the energetic flows of the body using various techniques of EAV. Bioelectromagnetic Medicine is moving from being a fringe element into being the mainstream in modern medicine. Please read previous volume issues and references for a detailed account of the theoretical basis of bioresonance therapy.

What is known to cause a disruption in the bioelectromagnetic fields of humans can be catagorized as follows.

  1. aberrant fluctuations in the GMF, geopathic zones, caused by underground water flows, mineral veins and magmatic intrusions known as geopathic stress
  2. deleterious mutations in the genetic code which affects the organization in the aggregation of organic matter into a body and the resultant produced non-resonant bioelectromagnetic field
    • non-functional proteins of either celluar architecture or biochemical metabolism
    • abberant developmental processes
    • abberant behavioral integration
  3. alternating electric current and all the machinery which utilizes A.C. current for power known as EMFs. More information concerning the effects of EMFs may be found at Chapter 8
  4. pathogenic microorganisms
  5. parasites
  6. malnutrition
  7. physical trauma

It is much like trying to determine which came first - the chicken or the egg. However, it has been found that there is always a change in energy relationships before a physiological change can be recognized. The nature of that change varies. All the above causes in some manner a disruption in the overall resonance of the human body. With the meridian analysis devices, it is possible to first detect aberrations and then neutralize them completely within a few seconds. Physiological changes follow within a few minutes to hours in regaining rheostasis. Many of the above cited causes for disruption are chronic stressors. Aleviation of symptoms can be accomplished simply by removing the stressor or the person from the vicinity of the stressor. The meridian analysis devices are a tool to determine the nature of the chronic stressor as well as a therapeutic means to bring the body back to rheostasis. Obviously, the body which is not able to live and function in our increasingly stressful environment will succomb to some chronic ailment according to the inherent weaknesses of their genetic code.


Energy flow in the human primate animal is able to be detected, catagorized and manipulated on many levels. Those energy flows which are an expression of the basic rheostatic mechanisms of the coordinated organ systems of the body are ultimately the result of gene expression. Gene expression is responsible for the organization in space of the aggregation of matter which comprises the organic body. This aggregation of matter has an overall bioelectromagnetic field which is in resonance with the Geomagnetic Field (GMF) of the Earth and also with that of the Solar System Interplanetary Electromagnetic Field Matrix (SSIEFM). All of these fields are in dynamic equilibrium with the smaller in resonance with the larger. Disruptions in the capacity for maintaining resonant energy flow through the matter aggregation of the human body are responsible for the eventual expression of disease in humans. Bioelectromagnetic Medicine has the means to assist the human body to realign itself within the greater GMF and SSIEMF in order to return to dynamic equilibrium. The body has the means to heal itself if it is not overstressed in some manner, this is the essential role of rheostasis. It is the current role of those involved in the therapeutic modes of Bioelectromagnetic Medicine to discover the appropriate means to provide therapeutic relief and thus to return the body to resonant harmony that then eliminates the diseased condition. Finally, one has to deal with the elimination of any pathological products generated by the deranged metabolism. These products may in turn be the cause of localized and more widespread non-resonance until removed from the body.


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  • Part 1
    1. Chapter One - Introduction to bioresonance therapy
    2. Chapter Two - Contributions to the practical application of bioresonance therapy
    3. Chapter Three - The basic principles of multiresonance therapy

  • Part 2
    1. Chapter One - New avenues in medicine
    2. Chapter Two - The fundamentals of bioresonance therapy

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